Questions answered in this article:

  • How to create a new client event?
  • How can I add clients to the event?
  • Can I add multiple clients to an event?
  • Can edit the event once it is created?

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  1. For Practitioner side
    1. Adding a new event in the Scheduler
      1. Click an area in the calendar that corresponds to the date and time in which you want to add an event. After clicking, an event editor will appear on the right side where you can indicate the event details.
      2. Alternatively you can choose the +new event button on the top left of the calendar.
      3. Select your event type to match your needs. The top 6 are Client related Events and the bottom 4 are Non-Client related Events.
      4. Choose a service
      5. Select your client or multiple clients
      6. If you are ready to create your plan for the session, then select plan. If you are done creating this scheduled event, simply choose the save button (check mark), at the top. 
      7. After saving the schedule details, your event will appear in the calendar area. To edit an event, just click the placeholder and the event editor will appear once again on the right side portion of the page.