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This article answers the following questions:

  • How do I set up access for my client's portal?
  • Where do I send the welcome email from?
  • What if my client doesn't get the welcome email?
  • Can I set a temporary password for my client?
  • My client can log in, but can't access the video session, what's wrong?

Enjoy this video on how to complete this process or read the prompts below.

1. Deploy the client chart modal and select your client

2. Welcome Email

New clients are sent a welcome email during the client set up when an email is registered with the client account. Existing clients can be sent a welcome email from the client chart modal manually.



3. Enable Online access and notifications 

If the client is an adult, online access and notifications are automatically enabled when the welcome email is sent.  If the client is a minor choose the People tab and the Primary contact to receive online access and email notifications. 

4. Enable notifications and online access for the guardian. This can be enabled for more than one guardian.


Q - What if my client doesn't get the email? 

  • Have them check their junk/spam folder.
  • Check that email notifications and online access are enabled
  • Confirm the email address. 
  • Manually resend the email from the client chart modal
  • If your client has a yahoo or rogers account, it is likely they will NOT receive the email and you will have to set their password manually. We are working on resolving this issue. 

Q - My client still didn't get the email? What do I do now?

You can manually set your client's password from "My Office / Clinic Users" and direct them to your website to log in. Ask them to bookmark your website

Q- My client can log in, but can't access the video session. 

To keep your client's information safe, you have to manually enable consent for each primary contact to access the information in the portal. Go to the client chart, select the people tab, choose the primary contact, and enable consent along with online access.

                        For a minor - 

                        For an adult - 


Q – My client has received the welcome email but they are not able to complete the login process and set up a password.

  • First, check that they are using Chrome for their internet browser. If not, have them download it. Second, have them follow the steps below to reset their own password.

1. Visit their URL of the practitioner and choose a login


 2. First, enter your email address and then choose forgot password.

3.  Choose to “send password reset link”. (wait about a minute for it to arrive.)


4. Check your email and choose to reset your password.5. You will be redirected back to the login page.

6. Enter your email again and set a new password.

7. Enter your details again to log in.