Questions answered in this article:

  • What should I do if the account setup button didn't launch?
  • If I did not see the welcoming email, where can I look for it?

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For security reasons, Therabyte functions best in Microsoft Edge. 

It is the recommended browser for modern development tools and top security features.

At any step in the troubleshooting process, check to see what device and what internet browser you are using. (Please report any errors to us so that we can ensure these documents stay up to date for all users. Thank you!)  Safari will give errors when deploying the setup account button from the client email.

The account set up button didn’t launch?

  1.  If you are on an Apple device using safari, it will give an error. This can be resolved by downloading Chrome on the device, enter your email in chrome, and relaunching the setup account button. Setting up your account can also be done from the practitioner practice website, steps below.

    Visit the URL of the practitioner and choose login    First enter your email address and then choose forgot password.

Choose to “send password reset link”. (wait about a minute for it to arrive.)

Check your email and choose to reset your password.

You will be redirected back to the login page. Enter your email again and set a new password.

Enter your details again to log in.

 I didn’t receive an email?

  1. Check your junk mail and other folders. If you are not able to find it there, confirm that you are using the same email address as your therapist/practitioner, if it is different repeat the process with the new email address.
  2. If you are still not receiving an password reset email, contact your therapist/practitioner and ask them to set your password for you.