Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I customize the self-intake template?
  • What does it look like once it's live on the website?
  • How do I integrate it into the website?

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To customize the self-intake content and the consent template, go to Website under the Practice Setup side tab category

Custom Intake Note Template

Click the Edit Intake Note Template under the Self-Intake button in the Settings area.

In the Intake Note Template form, you may now input your custom note template content. 

When this form is live on your website, the following fields will be shown for your client to fill out. If the client is a minor, guardian information will also be requested. 

Once your client has completed this form, a client record will be created and their client client record will be in the waitlist tab of the clients portion. Notice the red dot, indicating that there is a new client waiting for you to onboard. 

You will be able to review their response to the intake questions added from the Client intake comments box within the client modal. 

Custom Consent Template 

(***Please note that while you are able to edit this template, this feature is currently disabled as part of the self-intake***).

To customize the consent template, click the Edit Consent Template.

In the form, input the title that you want for the actual consent template.

You may edit the content of your Terms of Service by clicking Edit.

Once the Terms of Service is now set, do not forget to click Done.

If the content of your Consent Template is done, click Save to save any changes.