Questions answered in this article:

  • Can I create a package service for my clients?
  • How do I create a package service?
  • How do I keep track of sessions or money spent on a package?

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Do you offer packages that your clients pay for upfront. Because each client event is attached to a service, which allows you to track the time spent with the client, you will need to set up a service for the package first and then for subsequent follow-up visits as part of the package. 

To keep track of sessions or money spent on the package, you can add the package as a grant to the client's chart. See details here. 

1. Let's say you are setting up a package for a one month service. We have chosen the category, fee, and units over hours, and added a description. This Description is going to show up on the website. It's gonna outline what this fee involves. The first time you meet with a client, you will choose your package service. It is likely that your fee will be higher and be for a unit rather than minutes. 

2. You will need to set up a service for subsequent visits with your clients. This service is going to be non-billable because you already billed them upfront for this service. This allows you to create a calendar event as well as track the time being spend in total when you are offering this service.

Now let's see using these service packages in action - 

  • We are going to the Scheduler page to create a calendar event. We choose the Session event and pick that service or package. Click the next button until you reach the last session setup. 

  • Mark the attendance by clicking the Attendance button. Click the Check button to complete the session. Now that we have done the first session, any subsequent follow up is going to be tagged with the other or follow up service.