Enjoy this webinarwhere we discuss the following topics. Look in the comments for tags to jump to different sections of the webinar. See the list below the image.

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Ashley Jane Reina at 0:45
Objectives for the Webinar

Ashley Jane Reina at 2:41
Helpdesk support!

Ashley Jane Reina at 3:43
Anatomy of a Service

Ashley Jane Reina at 8:50
Types of services you might use

Ashley Jane Reina at 14:24
Services and funders interplay

Ashley Jane Reina at 20:49
Adding a discipline to a category

Ashley Jane Reina at 21:59
Funders - set up

Ashley Jane Reina at 26:10
Contracts - set up

Ashley Jane Reina at 33:13
Invoicing workflow - (apologies for the abrupt transition, we lost internet for a brief moment there in between). 

Ashley Jane Reina at 42:39
Billing tab - alpha feature

Ashley Jane Reina at 46:15
Raw data reports - downloading the data to a spreadsheet and playing with pivot tables

Ashley Jane Reina at 58:53
Q&A (although several questions were answered throughout on each topic explored).