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Ashley Jane Reina at 0:26
Welcome to the Webinar (ignore the first 26 seconds)

Ashley Jane Reina at 4:03
New feature - help desk - access from within Therabyte or via http://support.therabyte.ca

Ashley Jane Reina at 7:24
Submitting support tickets through the helpdesk - https://therabyte.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Ashley Jane Reina at 9:43

Ashley Jane Reina at 24:38
Question about the default tree

Ashley Jane Reina at 25:57
new feature - planning mode and its function

Ashley Jane Reina at 28:36
New look to scheduler client events - direct and indirect

Ashley Jane Reina at 30:18
new feature - homework box

Ashley Jane Reina at 32:28
Notes - sharing to the client portal, notes or homework box

Ashley Jane Reina at 34:14
Default password for all documentation sent via email with a password from therabyte

Ashley Jane Reina at 35:39
Email templates

Ashley Jane Reina at 40:03
Activity logs

Ashley Jane Reina at 42:14
Waitlist feature and online intake workflow

Ashley Jane Reina at 50:12
Questions - where do you put in the email for the email reminders

Ashley Jane Reina at 51:48
SMS notifications

Ashley Jane Reina at 53:53
Multiple practitioners on a note and cosigning

Ashley Jane Reina at 56:37
Invoicing - workflow (nuances between services, funders and invoices)

Ashley Jane Reina at 01:06:02
email hack for entering the same email address for different roles - 

Ashley Jane Reina at 01:12:37
Services - help desk article - anatomy of service. 

Ashley Jane Reina at 01:19:21
Question - popping out the help desk articles into a new window

Ashley Jane Reina at 01:26:04
Sharing receipts of invoices (invoice marked as paid)

Ashley Jane Reina at 01:28:44
Wrapping up - Q and A, more webinar's to come.