Questions answered in this article:

  • How can I update my billing/credit card information to pay for my Therabyte subscription?

  • Can I view my payment history?

  • Can I add any add-ons to my plan using the subscription tab?
  • Can I upgrade to a Teams a plan using the subscription tab?


  • Only the clinic owner(s) have access to update the clinic’s billing or credit card information found in the Settings Tab.

  • The “Manage” button is only visible to 1 (one) clinic owner who is assigned as the “Account Billing Owner” of the clinic. This is applicable to multiple clinic owners within the same clinic.

  • Changing the account billing owner is temporarily disabled within the account subscription tab. If the clinic decides to change their account billing owner, please create a ticket by emailing us at:

  1. Start by clicking on the Settings tab located under Clinic Setup menu.


  1. Select the Subscription Tab beside the Billing tab within the page.

  1. Click the Manage button located on the Payment Info section.

Note: Only a single clinic owner can edit the billing information of the clinic. The rest of the owners will have “view only” access.

  1. To update your debit/credit card information, click the Edit button.

  1. Notice the Enter Card Info modal appearing. Do the following:

  1. Type the cardholder name on the field provided.

  2. Type the card number and CVC on the field provided.

  3. Click the Submit button after entering the card details.

  1. To change the clinic billing email, click the Edit button.

  1. Notice the Edit Billing modal appearing. Do the following:

  1. Type the billing email on the field provided.

  2. Click the Submit button after entering the new email.

  1. To change the billing address, click the Edit button.

  1. Notice the Edit Billing Details modal appearing. Do the following:

  1. Type the complete Billing address on the field provided.

  2. Click the Submit button after entering the billing address details.

  1. To view payment history of the clinic account, click the View Payment History button at the bottom of the page.

Upgrading user account on the Subscription tab

Therabyte users can now do the following within their account:

  1. Trial plan to solo/solo+ plan

  2. Solo to solo+ plan

Current limitations, users are not able to do within their account:

  1. Upgrade to a Team plan

  2. Upgrade to add on additional features to their plan (such as the smart trees premium)

  3. Downgrade their plan

If you wish to upgrade to a Team plan, subscribe to an add-on, or downgrade your plan. Please email us at:

  1. Go to the Subscription Tab by clicking the Settings Tab in the Practice setup menu from the left navigation bar.

  1. To upgrade your Therabyte plan, click the Upgrade button found on the first column.

  1. Choose and select your NEW plan from the modal and click the Next button.

  1. Review your new plan account as seen on the modal.

  1. To edit or check your existing billing information before subscribing to a new plan, check the Billing Details section as seen on the modal.

Note: To change your billing information, read the info above.

  1. To save changes made to your plan account, click the Subscribe button.

Note: If the plan upgrade is successful, a pop-up notification will appear on the page. If unsuccessful, please contact us at:

  1. To view your add-on features and their pricing, click the Payment History button found on the second column of the page.

Sample view of Payment History page when viewed: