Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I share a form with my client?

  • Where can I access and share a form from the client chart modal?

  • Would my client receive an email notification that a form has been shared on their client portal?

  • Can I select multiple guardian/parent(s) of a client in order to share a form?

  • If I accidentally shared a wrong form, is it possible to unshare it?

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There are 2 ways you can share the form on the client portal

  • Client Chart Modal

  • Forms Modal

  • This is applicable both in Forms and Website Tab


  • Please make sure that the Form is marked as Published. An example of a published form:

Sharing a form via the Client Chart Modal 

  1. Select a Client on the Clients page.

  1. In the Clinic Info Tab, scroll down and click the Share button.

  1. To unshare a form, click the X button beside the form status column.

Note: Presently, you can only unshare a form in the client chart modal.

  1. Repeat Steps #3 to #6 as seen in the Form modal section.

Form Modal

  1. Choose and Select a published form from the list.

  1. To share a form to the client portal, click the Share button at the top of the modal. The Share Form Modal will show up.

  1. In the Select Form stage, choose and select a Published Form then click the Next button.

  1. In the Select Recipients stage, Choose a client name from the dropdown list or Type the Client’s name on the field provided.

  1. Then, Toggle On the contact names with online access in the dropdown menu. Click the Next button.

Note: You can choose whether to share a form to one (1) or more contacts associated with the client. Please be advised that the contact should have their online access enabled.

  1. In the Confirm & Share stage, click the Share Form button.

Note: This allows you to review the options you’ve chosen before proceeding in sharing a form. 

Also, you’ll notice a pop-up notification that the form has been shared:

Example of an email received by a client

Note: This notifies your clients that a form has been shared to their client portal.