Thanks for being a Therabyte customer. As a Therabyte customer, you get access to exclusive templates and products. Just like these templates created by Ashley Reina and shared on the Therabyte blog.  But There are a few extra's here, just for Therabyte customers. 

Here are the links to get all the FREE templates.


- MAKE A COPY of the file to avoid editing the template.

Charting and Note templates:

1. Summary of Service Report 

2. Progress Note (Ongoing)

3. Session Note 

On-boarding/Intake documents templates:

4. Terms of Service, Consent and Payment Agreement (Adult) 

5.  Terms of Service, Consent and Payment Agreement (Peds) 

6. Short version, Terms of service and client Consent (Adult) 

7. Short version, Terms of service and Client Consent (Peds) 

8. Telehealth Consent and Guidelines 

9. Occupational Therapy Intake Form (Peds)

Tax and Invoice Templates:

10. Invoice  

11. Practitioner - Taxes Expenses Book