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  • How do I manage hours of when my client can book online?
  • Where can I change the hours of operation available for online booking?

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  • Booking Slot interval - indicates the time allowance of every slot that the client can choose in booking an appointment.
  • Event time Buffer - is a setting that prevents a user from booking minutes after the end of an event.

  1. Hours of Operation Setup

  • Go to the Website page by selecting the Website tab from the Practice Setup menu on the top left corner.

  • It will redirect you to a page where Settings on the right-side area is found.

  • Click the Hours of Operation, and a drop-down will appear for you to set the opening and closing time.

2. Booking Slot Interval

  • To set the Booking Slot Interval, just click the drop-down menu below and select the desired minutes of interval.

3. Event time Buffer

  • To set the Event Time Buffer, just click the drop-down menu and select the desired minutes of buffer.
  • To save all changes made, click the Save All button.