Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I set the hours of operations of my clinic?

  • What are the additional settings for online booking?

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  • Booking Slot interval - indicates the time allowance of every slot that the client can choose in booking an appointment.

  • Event Time Buffer - is a setting that prevents a user from booking minutes after the end of an event.


  1. Go to the Landing Page by clicking the Landing Page Tab under the Clinic Setup section in the left navigation bar.

  1. To manage your hours of operations, do the following:

  1. Hours of operation - opening and closing time of your clinic

  1. Booking slot interval - desired minutes of interval

  1. Event Time Buffer - desired minutes of buffer.

  1. Additionally, choose any online booking options for your clinic:

  1. Block off unapproved booking slots


  1. Automatically approve incoming bookings


  1. To save all changes made, click the Save All button on the top of the page.