If you're using a credit card as your payment method on Therabyte for the first time, here are the steps you need to follow.

Questions answered in this article:

  • How to add a customer credit card for the first time

Adding a customer credit card for the first time

  1. On the Payment modal, click the Add Card button.

  1. Type in the Card Name, Card Number, Expiration date, and CSV number

  1. Click the Submit button.

  1. The Card Number will now be viewable on the Payment modal. Click the Confirm button to proceed with payment.

Note: Every time the Credit/Debit Card is chosen as the payment mode, this card number will appear.

  1. Once you provide your card number, it will be saved and available for this client's future credit card transactions.

Note: In case you want to change the credit card number:

  1. you may click the edit(pencil icon) button.

  1. From the dropdown list, click the Replace Card.

  1. Please follow the procedure mentioned above to enter a new credit card number.