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  • How do I add my client's credit card details in Therabyte?

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Note: Before adding your clients' credit card details, ensure you've set up Therabyte Pay. If you haven't done so yet, please refer to this article for instructions.

We offer two methods for adding your client's credit card details:

1. Through the payment modal

2. Via our Therabyte forms

Adding a customer credit card through the Payment Modal

  1. Navigate to any available invoice of your selected client and click on Pay. In the Payment modal, simply click the Add Card button.

  1. Fill out the necessary details and click Submit.

3. The Card Number will now be visible on the Payment modal. Click the Confirm button to proceed with payment.

Note: Whenever you select Credit/Debit Card as the payment method, this card number will be displayed.

Replacing/Removing the credit card details

1. Click the pencil icon to edit the credit card details.

2. From the dropdown list, click the Replace Card.

3. Follow the outlined procedure above to input a new credit card number.

Adding Credit Card details via Therabyte Forms

On our Therabyte forms, there is a built-in block where your clients can input their credit card details during form completion.

1. Navigate to the form where you wish to include your client's payment information. On the left side of the Build tab, you'll see a list of built-in blocks. Simply select the Payment Info built-in block and add it to your Therabyte form. Don't forget to click Save and Publish once you're done.

2. Below is a preview on what your client will see when filling out the form.

3. They will simply click "Edit Payment Method" and they can conveniently enter their credit card details.

 4. After clicking Submit, the system will automatically update their profile with this payment information.