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  1. How can I streamline the invoicing process for multiple clients associated with a school when the billing is directed towards the school itself?

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Invoicing for school districts or multiple clients within various schools can be complex, but there are streamlined methods to manage this efficiently. 

  1. Start by adding the school district or school as a client in the system. Remember, when setting up clients and funders (finance departments), use different email addresses to avoid system conflicts.
  2. Navigate to the finances tab and create a contract, specifying details such as contract reference number, duration, and any budget allocations based on services offered.

  3. Allocate budgets for specific services, such as direct or indirect services, and define any travel budgets associated with the contract.

  4. As you provide services, mark attendance and create session records. The system will automatically generate invoices based on the contract details.

There are two options for scheduling school-related services:

Option 1: Blocking off the Whole Day for School

  • Setting Up the Schedule

    • Select the type of service being offered.

    • Choose the school as a client in the scheduler.

    • Save to block off the school for the entire day.

  • Documenting Services Provided

    • Enter details of the services provided.

    • Include a brief description, student details, grades, date, etc.

    • Mark attendance on this session for invoicing purposes.

  • Charting

    • Add additional details either in the scheduler or the notes section.

    • Record the session outcomes, mark the attendance as billable since the school is billed as a whole.

Option 2: Including School as a Client to Individual Sessions

  • Setting Up the Schedule for Individual Sessions

    • Enter services provided, select the specific client and the school.

    • Detail the session outcomes, allowing for independent notes for the client and the school.

  • Charting for Individual Sessions

    • Edit and customize notes for the school and the client separately.

    • Mark attendance for both the school as Attended and individual clients as non-billable.

Invoicing and Tracking

  1.  Navigate to the finance section.

  2. Add items ready to be invoiced based on the sessions.

  3. Invoices automatically link to the contract created.

  4. Monitor the contract to keep track of service sessions for both direct and indirect services.

  5. Use the shareable contract option if sharing the funding pool among multiple clients.

Both methods involve careful note-taking, attendance marking, and invoicing practices for services provided. The second method offers more detailed and separate records for each client and the school district.

The goal is to streamline invoicing processes for services rendered within school contracts while keeping detailed records of services provided to individual clients and the school district.