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  • Can I enable online booking for my clients only?
  • What are the other settings for online booking?
  • Who can change the settings for online booking?
  • How do I set the hours of operations for my clinic?


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NOTE: Only an owner or admin has access to adjust settings for client booking.


a. Navigate to Client Setup and click on Settings.




b. Under Settings, select "Client."





c. You'll find various booking options available. Simply toggle ON the following settings:


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1. Enable Booking Option in Client Portal: By toggling this setting ON, you'll make the booking button visible on the Client Portal's appointments page. This will make online booking available exclusively for your clients who have access to your client portal.


2. Limit Client Portal Bookings to Assigned Practitioners Only: This setting allows the owner to restrict booking options so that only services provided by the practitioners assigned to the client are visible on the client portal.

 Other Settings


  1. Navigate to the Landing Page by selecting the Landing Page tab located within the Clinic Setup section on the left-hand side of your Therabyte account.





  1. Locate the Online booking settings on the right side of the screen.


Online Booking Settings


a. Toggle ON "Enable Landing Page Booking" to allow your clients to book appointments from your Landing Page.


b. Clinic Hours of Operation - Set the opening and closing times for your clinic. Easily adjust these by selecting the desired times from the dropdown.

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Booking slot interval - Set the interval of time in minutes that clients can book appointments via the booking modal on the client appointment and landing page.





Event Time Buffer - This time buffer setting prevents individuals from booking appointments within a specified number of minutes after the END of an event. You may also choose to apply the buffer time to all available slots.


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c. Enable this setting if you want to block off unapproved booking slots.

d. Enable this setting if you want to automatically approve incoming bookings.




e. Enable Hidden Booking Links - This feature allows you to provide access to bookings via a URL, even if your online booking button is not displayed on your landing page.


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Note: To utilize your online booking link without activating the Online Booking button on your landing page, simply enter: YOUR THERABYTE URL/site/book_appointment




3.To preview your landing page, simply click on Preview. Once you've made the necessary changes, always remember to click Save All to ensure that your updates are applied.