Dashboard widgets are tools that provide quick access to information and display data directly on your clinic's dashboard. They typically offer at-a-glance information and can be customized to suit your needs and preferences.

My Dashboard

As of April 2024, you can only add analytics widget on your dashboard. Analytics widgets would focus on providing insights and metrics related to client services, session hours, new clients, and scheduling. 

Here's how each of the specified types of analytics widgets function:

  1. Clients Serviced: This widget displays the total number of clients served by a practitioner over a specific period, providing an overview of client engagement or the reach of services offered.

  2. Total Session Hours: This widget would show the cumulative number of hours spent in sessions with clients, indicating the level of engagement or workload handled by the service provider over a given timeframe.

  3. New Clients: This widget would present the number of new clients acquired within a defined period, offering insights into the growth of the client base.

  4. Scheduler: Session List: This widget would list the upcoming sessions scheduled with clients, potentially including details such as session date and time, session type and service. It provides a convenient overview of the upcoming workload for efficient time management and planning.

Built-in Dashboard

The built-in dashboard offers a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring and analyzing revenue and income data. This article provides a guide on how to effectively utilize the dashboard to gain insights into historical income, expected revenue, and visualize trends through historical revenue and income graphs.

Built-in Widgets

Revenue and Income Overview: 

  • Historical Revenue - Includes all invoices created, including draft invoices.
  • Historical Income - Includes all paid invoices, excluding refunded amounts.
  • Expected Revenue - Includes all billable sessions from the selected categories.
  • Historical Revenue Graph & Historical Income Graph - visual data from previous year and current year.

Invoices & Payments:

  • Invoice Distribution
  • Revenue Distribution By Funder
  • Income Distribution By Funder
  • Outstanding Balances By Client

Expenses, Mileage & Travel

  • Total Expenses - Includes all billing items of type 'expense'.
  • Total Mileage - Includes all billing items of type 'mileage'.
  • Total Travel - Includes all billing items of type 'travel'.