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The Performance Analysis feature allows you to:

  • View your team's performance at a glance. 
  • Breakdown of hours spent on direct vs. indirect vs. unaccounted for hours
  • View individual performance by each team member. 

Lets break down the features:


Users can customize their analysis by filtering data based on specific criteria such as staff members, date ranges, or session details.


The default graph here is This month to-date. This feature presents a visually appealing graph that offers an instant view of team performance. Users can view the distribution of time spent on direct and indirect tasks, billable and non-billable hours, and unaccounted for hours. Currently, this report pulls data from the client events only.

  • Hours by staff
    Graphical representation of the hours worked by staff.

  • Cumulative vs Non-Cumulative
    Cumulative means adding things up over time to find a total. If you're looking at how many hours someone worked cumulatively for a month, you're adding all their hours together to see how much they worked in total that month.

    Non-cumulative means looking at things separately without adding them up. If you're tracking someone's hours non-cumulatively, you're just looking at each day's hours individually without adding them together for the whole month.

  • Legend
    • Billable: Hours from events with attendance confirmed. Excludes non-billable services.
    • Non-Billable: Hours from events with attendance confirmed. Excludes non-billable services.
    • Unaccounted: Hours from sessions with no attendance marked.
    • Direct: Hours from direct client events/sessions.
    • Indirect: Hours from indirect client events/sessions.

  • 100% Stacked Bar
    A visual representation where each bar is divided into segments that represent different categories. Each segment's length is proportional to its percentage of the total, with the entire bar representing 100%.

Displays the breakdown of the number of sessions that are billable, non-billable, unaccounted, direct, and indirect per provider.

  • Provider Name
    Clicking on the provider's name will pull up the provider's time management modal. Here, you'll see a list of the sessions that are billable or non-billable and a separate section for the unaccounted sessions.