Question/s answered in this article:

  • How to Create a Wallet Fund Request?
  • How Many Requests Can I Create?
  • Can I Schedule a Request?

This article will guide you through the process of creating a Wallet Fund Request, explain the limits on requests, and show you how to schedule them for future dates.

Create a Wallet Fund Request

  1. Navigate to the client's wallet cards.

  2. Select the Appropriate Wallet Card Choose the wallet card from which you want to make the fund request. Click on the Request icon.

  3. A request modal will appear. Enter the Amount In the request modal, enter the amount you wish to request. You also have the option to add a note. While adding a note is optional, it can be useful for providing context or details about the request, and this note will be visible in the client's portal.

  4. Review and Confirm the Request Before finalizing, review the details of your request. Once confirmed, click the request button to complete the action.

Scheduled Requests

You can schedule a Wallet Fund Request for a future date. This feature is especially useful for planning and managing your finances over time.

  • In the request modal, look for the checkbox labeled "Scheduled Requests." Tick this checkbox to enable scheduling.
  • Once scheduling is enabled, you can set the date for the fund request. Choose the desired date from the calendar.

Adding Multiple Request

If you need to create multiple fund requests, you can do so easily:

  • In the request modal, click the +Add Request button to add another request. This allows you to manage multiple requests in one go, saving time and ensuring all your financial needs are addressed.