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  • Can I add multiple practitioners to sign the notes of a client?
  • How to add the practitioners that would need to sign a note?

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1. To add multiple authors or practitioners to sign a note, go to the Notes page by clicking the Notes Menu.

2. Under the Client tab, a client list is shown. Click on the Session Title to view session details and configurations. 

3. To proceed to multiple authors setup, click the Edit button on the top right side. 

4. To add multiple authors or practitioners, just click the Author dropdown menu and check available authors that you want to sign this note. Once multiple authors are picked they will see this note show up on their practitioner portal.

5. To sign this note, click the Sign button on the top right side. 

6. To finalize the signing of the note, click the Sign button on the bottom of the verification modal. 

7. On your client list, you can see that the note has been successfully signed by you through the status display. To view pending authors or practitioners who also signed or have not yet signed the note, click the Session title

8. Hover the signature icon on the right side of the Session title and the list of authors with signing status is shown.