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  • How do I reset my password?

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In setting your password, we highly recommend that you include numbers, special keys, upper case, and lower case letters in your password character combination to increase your account security. 

1. To reset your password, go to your unique Therabyte URL page and click Login in the top right corner.

2. Input your email address (provided upon sign up) in the email field and click Forgot Password.

3. Select the button, Send password reset link.

4. Check your email, and look for an email that looks like the image below and select the Reset password button. Be sure to check all your folders as it is possible for this email to end up in a junk, spam or other folder. 

5. Selecting this button will return you to your unique Therabyte URL login page, where you will be prompted to create and confirm your new password.  Select confirm.

6.  You will be asked one last time to enter your NEW password on the login page. Select Login and you will gain access to your clinic information, once again.