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  • How do I change the clinic email?
  • How do I add my clinic logo?
  • Where do I change my timezone?

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There are two types of details that you can set under the General Settings tab, on the Practice Settings page. 

  • Clinic Details
  • App Settings

1. Clinic Details

To set the clinic details, just input the details in the fields provided within the Details area.

2. App Settings

  • Clinic Logo - toggle to upload a logo image.

  • Timezone - select location for the timezone in which your clinic resides.

  • Enable Booking Site - check to replace the default practice page from login a login button only,  to a practice site that includes the ability to book online.

  • Session Time - set time before the app will automatically log out of the application for security reasons, when there has been no activity for ?? minutes. We recommend at most 10 minutes, to secure the client data if by chance you walk away from your desk with out logging out of the app or your computer. 

  • Practitioners can see all Clients in the Waitlist - toggle to set the visibility of the practitioners on waitlisted clients.

  • Enable Tax - toggle to enable or disable tax for your clinic.