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  • How can I get access to the self-intake form?
  • In case I'm not available in some sessions, is it okay to add another guardian?

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To access the self-intake feature, go to the practice site landing page. To open the self-intake form, click the self-intake link text or the self-intake button below the site banner title.

In the self-intake form, you can optionally select a specific provider

You can also specifically select a specific discipline

In the Client Details, you are required to provide your first name, last name, and birth date.

You are also required to specify your gender, and check the checkbox in case you require a legal guardian. The checkbox with 'Requires a legal guardian' label will be locked as check if the client is underage or a minor according to the birthdate specified.

If identified as a minor and you try to uncheck the 'Requires a legal guardian' checkbox, you will be notified with a warning alert.

You can also optionally provide your Email, Phone, Address, and City/ Town.

You also have the option to specify your Country, and your State.

In the free form content, just provide the details that are asked in the field.

In case you are required to add a guardian, you will be required to input the First name, Last name, and Email in the Guardian Info.

You can optionally input the Phone number of your guardian.

You are required to specify the Contact Type and Relationship of your guardian to you.

In order for your main contact to receive notifications and email about you, click the checkbox of the field 'Notifications/Email Contact'

if you want to add another guardian, click the Add button beside the guardian info label and another set of guardian info fields will be added.

Once all the fields are set, click the submit button. After submission,  the client will be automatically added to the waitlist record.