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  • As a client or guardian, how do I access the portal?
  • How do I setup my client portal?
  • Where can I view my appointments with the practitioner?

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1. Receive Welcome email - You should have received a welcome email from the clinic you are working with to set up your client portal access. This sometimes go to junk mail, so check there first before requesting that they send it again. It should look something like this:

2. Select the "Get started" button - which will launch a login window. Where you will be asked to put in your email address (make sure it is the one to which you received this the welcome email), then create a password and then confirm it by typing it in again. 

IF, the account set up link has expired there will be a window with a prompt to click and re-authenticate via email to restart the account set up process.  This will prompt you to go back through your email and will relaunch the above window. Once you have successfully created your password you will be prompted to enter your password which will give you access to your client portal. 

3. Access the Client portal

 Visit the practitioner website/URL. Enter through the login button, and provide the previously set up email and password. Please bookmark the clinic page for future login's.

4. View Appointments in the Client portal.


5. View shared documents and invoices that have been shared with you as well.