Questions answered in this article:

  • Is there a data upload limit?
  • What to do when your file doesn't upload?

Whether you are creating a note from the scheduler, client's chart, or the note tab, you can include images in the text and attach images and videos. 

There is an upload restriction of less than 50MB per upload. If a document doesn't upload it is likely because it is over this limit. You can upload as many documents as you like within that restriction to a note for each upload.

If a File doesn't upload it is because it is too big, this can be addressed in a few ways:

1. Compressing images before attaching them to documents using an online compression tool (Example: Tiny PNG)

2. Compressing PDFs before uploading them to TB using a tool (Example: iLovePDF)

3. Using a compression tool like WinRar or 7Zip to compress bigger files

4. Using a mobile app to compress videos before uploading them.

5. Create a shadow file in dropbox for large files and reference that in your chart notes.