Questions answered in this article: 

  • How do I share an invoice? 
  • Can I share the invoice with multiple individuals? 
  • Can I download the invoice? 
  • When downloading an invoice, do I have the option to set a password or not? 


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From Therabyte you are able to share an invoice in 3 ways, select and choose the following options: 

  • Share button 
  • Download button 
  • Email button 


  1. Share via the client portal: 

  • Choose recipients from the dropdown list whom you wish to share the invoice with, then click “Confirm” 

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  1. Share via downloading the PDF file (with or without a password) 

  • Click the download button. By default, it will download with a password. If you prefer to download it without a password, click on the arrow located on the right side of the word “download” and make your selection. 


  1. Share via direct email from within the platform (with or without a password) 

Emails sent from Therabyte are encrypted from our servers to your client’s email for added protection. 

  • Click the email header tool. Choose the contact recipients of the email, then click Send & Submit 

  • By default, the email will be sent with an attached PDF with a password. To send without a password, click the arrow to the right of the words and select from the dropdown. 


  1. When sending via email, you can choose to send and submit the invoice simultaneously. You can also opt to require a password for the recipient to open the email by selecting “Send & Submit and ticking the box beside “Password Protected”.  
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Otherwise, send your invoice by leaving the box unchecked. 

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