Questions answered in this article:

  • How can I add a funder to a client?
  • How do I setup how much a funder can cover?

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1. On the top left corner, under practice setup, choose Funders. 

2. On the Funders page, a list of funders is displayed. To add new funder, click the New Funder button 

3. Fill out the basic information on the form. Add in as much information as needed, several fields are not mandatory to offer flexibility depending on the amount of information you have for the funder.

4. Under Funder-Specific Billing Settings, you can set up here the coverage that a funder will cover. You can set this particular funder that instead of one hundred (100) percent coverage, for example, we will set it to eighty (80) percent coverage and the custom fee will automatically be calculated. If a Custom fee is being set up, the percent coverage will automatically be calculated, too. 

**This won't be displayed in the final invoice. It is for your internal reference. This does means that this funder is only covering that percentage of your "regular" rate.  It is not what they will cover of your total service fee. **

5. On the dollar sign icon, we can see what is the fee that we have set up for this service.