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  • What is a service in Therabyte?
  • How do I set up my services?
  • What does the category mean?

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Please note that the title/Name of your service is what will be displayed on your invoice so keep that in mind as you set them up and name them. Some funders require certain keywords to approve payment for services. 

1. On your Dashboard, go to the top left corner and choose My office

2. Scroll down to Practice Setup and choose Services.

3. Creating new Services - List of default services is displayed but you can go ahead and create your own as needed. Just click the service name to view service details or click the New Service button to add a service. 

  • You will notice that your session notes within Notes for your clients as well as the Scheduler events require a Service to be attached. Adding services to your Notes and Scheduler events create automation, saving you time when it populates the billable service as an option to add to an invoice. 

4.  pick your category name and discipline. The selecting of categories will be helpful for report purposes as you'll be able to do statistics based on the services that are assigned to a particular category. To add a new category just click the plus button at the bottom of the list.

5. choose the disciplines for that category. When you add a new category you will be prompted to attach disciplines within your clinic, this helps to further filter the categories so that not all service types show in the drop down menu, only the ones relevant to that discipline. 

6. Give your service a name and an internal billing code.

7. set the fee, duration, taxable toggle, billable type and description (optional). Services are attached to calendar events, which means that the fee will adjust to the time set for the event in the calendar. If your calendar event is for an hour and a half, the fee will show for 1.5x the service fee, in the example below, it will be $150. By default, billable items will show in the un-invoiced section of the invoice tab, there you can toggle to view the services that are non-billable. 

8. You can select or create Funder specific billing for this particular service.  So that when this service is used and added to a contract, the fee's will adjust accordingly. 

  • Example, we will set it to eighty (80) percent coverage and the custom fee will automatically be calculated for this Funder. If a Custom fee is being set up, edit that column. The percent coverage will automatically be calculated for you.  

**This won't be displayed in the final invoice. It is for your internal reference. This does means that this funder is only covering that percentage of your "regular" rate.  It is not what they will cover of your total service fee. **

Examples of how to use Categories - learn more about categories here.

You can further specific the category by assigning it to a specific discipline. This way, this category will only show for the for that discipline in the dropdown menu when creating a client event. 

Sculpt the categories based on your practice needs and processes.  

CategoryCategoryCategory Category 
Titles of a process or
Operational task.
Department Activities
within your practice 

Public Event
Internal Team Training
External Consulting



Hygiene - Selfcare

Home Care
Work Environment

Initial Assessment

Case Management
Skill Development
Social Development
Physical Conditioning
Cognitive Conditioning

Parent Support

Occupational Therapy
Speech language pathology