Questions answered in this article:

  • What is the importance of a smart tree?
  • What is the definition of the trees, branches, and leaves of the smart tree?

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Smart Trees is a concept we developed very early on with the vision to save practitioners time when creating treatment plans, tracking data and note taking. 

Structure & terminology: We use a metaphor that is common to many of you who have experienced paper charting: The Filing Cabinet.

  • Trees: You can think of Trees as a file cabinet drawer that holds all of the data for a given treatment plan. 
  • Branches: These would be the folders inside your file cabinet drawer. Branches aggregate the tracked data inside it. They also show a total count of mastered targets.
  • Leaves: These would be all the forms inside your folders. They hold all your trial data.

An overview of the workflow for adding and using goals. 

  1. Create goals for your client in the client chart modal - the set up - 4 minute tutorial.
  2. Add these targets (leaves), to an individual session - add to a session - 3 minute tutorial.
  3. During the session report on progress made in the comments.
  4. Share your session note with your client, so they can view goal progress and take action at home with assigned homework.  - share a note or homework with your client - 3 minute tutorial
  5. View all comments on a particular goal in the client chart modal under the trees tab.