Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I rearrange the leaves and branches of your Smart Tree?

  • How do I edit the trees and branches once made?

  • Are we able to rearrange the trees once created?

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Editing your Smart Trees

  1. Go to the Client page by clicking the Client tab in the My Office from the top left corner.

  1. Click the Client name and the client chart modal will appear. 

  1. Click and proceed to the Smart Trees tab where you can view and edit your trees, branches, and leaves.

  1. To edit names within your Smart Tree, click on the following and type their new name:

a - Trees

b - Branches

c - Leaves 

  1. Alternatively, click on the 3 Vertical Dots seen on the right side of the screen to change their names, update other properties and view comments. 

Sorting the branches and leaves of your Smart Tree

  1. To sort the leaves, click the Sorting Mode toggle button to enable it. Then, click on the 6 vertical dots seen beside each leaf. This will allow you to reorder the leaves as well as move leaves between branches.


  1. To sort the branches, hover below the dropdown button beside the Branch name and the 6 vertical dots will show up. Click and dag the branch between trees or re-order within the same tree.

      Learn more about setting up your smart trees here.  

Using the Hide Mastered button

  1. To hide mastered goals, click the Hide Mastered check box beside the sorting mode button. This allows you to hide goals that are already mastered and it helps to focus on other “In Progress” goals.

  1. Notice the Star on the gray circle. These are hidden goals mastered by your client.


  1. To view the mastered goals, click the Hide Mastered check box again to see all the client’s goals.



Happy goal setting!!