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  • Can I customize the email templates within the Therabyte system?
  • Where and how do I edit the email templates for my clinic using the Therabyte system?

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To further customize your clients' experience with your clinic, you can adjust the default settings for emails sent from the Therabyte system.

Note: We have recently updated the email templates in Therabyte. The new versions are available for new clinics. Don't worry, we did not change your existing templates. If you want to view or switch to the new email templates, follow the instructions here.

Find the system email templates here:

1Click on My Office and scroll down to Clinic Set Up. Then, click on Templates

2. Once you've clicked on Templates, the email template list will appear. Choose an email template you want to edit.

3. You can edit the subject line and the content of the e.

  • Subject Line: This is the subject your client will see upon receiving the email.
  • Custom and Clinic Tags: These allow you to personalize the details your client will see in the email. When the email is generated, it will update with the correct information related to this client's event.
  • Click Preview to see how the email template will look to your clients.
  • Click Save to save all changes.

This is the preview of the email template above: