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  • What is a Hard Reload?

  • How do I perform a hard reload on a Mac?

  • How do I perform a hard reload on Windows?

  • How do I perform a hard reload on Safari?

  • How do I perform a hard reload on Internet Explorer?

What is a Hard Reload?

Therabyte is constantly improving, and we often deploy fixes throughout the week. Sometimes your web browser will try to improve the performance of a website by caching its contents/code and even when you reload the page, some of that code may remain in your computer cache. In the majority of cases, you will be prompted to reload the page after a deployment has taken place. 

A Hard Reload clears most of the files cached by your web browser and deploys the latest updates from the Therabyte team.

Using Windows

  1. Chrome and Windows

  2. Hold down Ctrl + click the Reload button.

  3. Or Hold down Ctrl + Press the F5 key.

  1. Firefox and Windows

  1. Hold down Ctrl + Shift + the “R” key.

  2. Or Hold down Ctrl + press the F5 key.

Using Mac

  1. Chrome and Mac

  2. Hold down Shift + click the Reload button

  3. Or Hold down Command + Shift + click the “R” key.

  1. Firefox and Mac

  1. Hold down Command + Shift + the “R” key.

  2. Or Hold down Shift + Press the Reload button. 

Using Safari

  1. Hold down the Option + Command Key + Press the “E” key.

Using Internet Explorer

  1. Hold the Control key + Press the F5 key

  2. Or, Hold the Control key + click the Refresh button.

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