Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I onboard a client from the waitlist?

  • How do I set up email notifications for a client?

  • How to I invite my client to access the online portal?

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1. Client fills out the self-intake form on your Therabyte webpage. To set up the self-intake see instructions here 

2. Once they have completed the self-intake form, the client will be added to your waitlist tab in the  clients section. Select the client that has been added to the  waitlist to complete the on-boarding, this will deploy the client chart modal.

3. To set up email, SMS notifications, and check that online access has been granted (for an adult), select the edit profile button. 

4.  Scroll down to the bottom of the client info to locate the settings for email, SMS and online access. A valid email address is required in order to Enable Online Access and to Receive Email Notifications

  • If the client is a minor, then you will be checking the boxes giving the primary legal guardian access. 
  • If the client is an adult, then you will be giving online access to the client. 

Check the corresponding checkboxes on the left side of the labels. 

To save and continue the on-boarding process click the Save button.

5. At this point a modal will pop up, asking if you would like to "Send the account set up email? aka the Welcome email". Select the client and other guardians if applicable, and select Send email button.  

6. To complete the client on boarding process select - Onboard client, in the bottom right corner. Alternatively if this is a client that you will not be moving from the waitlist you can delete this client record and it will be permanently deleted. 

6. The on boarding process will take you through each tab of the client's chart allowing you to add in relevant information for the client. Click Next to advance through each section (people, finances, trees(goals) and files(documentation)). 

7. Click the Finish button to submit and finalize the setup. This button will appear at the last section, files.

8. For final confirmation, a modal will appear asking to complete client on-boarding. And if you haven't already send the welcome/client set up email, (if this step has been completed there will be a green sent icon with the time stamp of when it was sent. Click the Complete button to proceed. This will create the initial chart note capturing all the client data that has been entered to the chart to date. 

9. A notification will appear in the top right corner notifying you that the account has been saved.