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  • If my video file is more than 50 MB can I still upload it on Therabyte?

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Uploading videos and images within Therabyte has an upload restriction of less than 50 MB per upload. In this article, we explain how to compress a video file that’s too big and what app you can download.

  1. Download the Video Panda - Compress & Share App.

This can be downloaded from the App store (iOS user) or Google play (Android user).

  1. Choose & Select a Video file to be compressed.

  2. Choose and select an option on whether the video is compressed into a:

  1. Small file

  2. Medium file

  3. Large file

  4. Fit to Facebook Messenger

  5. Fit to Email

  6. Custom File size (recommended) - This allows the user to choose and type their desired file size.

  1. Click the Compress button.

  2. Alternatively, click the Compare button on the compressed video file.

Note: An option to compare the video quality of the original file versus the compressed file.

  1. To save and upload the file in Therabyte, click the Save button.