Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I set up my smart trees' advanced data collection?

  • What is the benefit of adjusting the achieved percentage of a branch or leaf?

  • What is the difference between time(s) in a row and time(s) in total?

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What are the benefits of the Premium Smart Trees features? 

This feature can be added to any Therabyte plan for an investment of $15/month, we offer a 1 month free trial of this feature, reach out to our support team at to get started with smart trees premium today.

  • Advanced setup features that include:

    • Choose from different collection types (Basic or Advanced)

    • Ability to select achieved percentage for a goal

    • Adjust # of times to achieve mastery

    • Select from times in a row or times in total to improved data collection and analytics

    • Add tags

    • Review graphs

  • Add all in-progress leaves with 1-click to a scheduled event

  • Take trial data for a client event using the thumbs up/down icon

  • Copy trees and branches from one client to another

  • Print a goal summary as a PDF

  • Share goal trees for clients to view in the client portal

  • Access to personal goal bank

Setting up advanced data collection

  1. Go to the Clients Page by clicking the Clients Tab from the left navigation menu.

  1. Choose a client by selecting the Client name. The client chart modal appears.

  1. Click and proceed to the Smart Trees Tab from the client chart modal.

  1. To set up your advanced branch data collection, select the 3 vertical dots button beside a branch.

  1. Choose and select the Setup option from the dropdown menu.

  1. Notice the Branch Setup modal popping up. 

Note: If you have purchased the smart trees premium add-on you now have access to more data fields not otherwise available with the basic plan. Such as - branch type, collection type, achieved percentage, and mastered when achieved.

  1. To change a branch type to advanced data collection, choose and select Data collection (Advanced) on the Branch Types dropdown menu.

  1. To choose a discipline, choose and select a Discipline on the Discipline dropdown menu.

Note: The list of disciplines (or department) is the same list created for the clinic’s services and user or practitioner department within the clinic.

  1. To choose a Domain, choose and select a Domain on the Domain dropdown menu. Once the goal bank is available, a user will be able to search by domain and other menu options.

  1. To create a new discipline or domain on the Branch setup, click the + blue button on the Discipline and Domain dropdown menu.

  1. To overwrite the settings added here on all leaves in a branch, check the Overwrite All Leaves box located underneath the Leaf Defaults section. This applies the same settings to all leaves within a tree and saves time from adjusting each leaf individually. This is best done prior to taking data at the leaf level. 

Note: A pop-up notification will show up if the box is checked. If you agree, click the Confirm button to proceed with the changes, with the understanding that if data has already been taken on the leaf, that data will have to be updated separately. 

  1. To choose the Leaf Collection Type, click the Accuracy option from the Collection Types dropdown menu.

Note: Opportunity and Frequency options are not yet available. 

  1. To adjust the achieved percentage of a client’s performance on a goal, type an  Achieved Percentage in the field provided. Note: This is the target that will need to be met when trial data is addedfor this goal to be considered complete. 

  1. To adjust the Mastered When Achieved section of a specific goal, there are 2 options:

Note: These options allow you to track a client's ability to not only meet a goal but demonstrate that they are able to consistently perform in this goal area. 

  1. Time(s) in a row - mastery is achieved when the goal is met by the specified number of times in sequence when added to various sessions. Eg. the Goal needs to be met each time it is added to a session in a row, any miss will result in the count starting over. 

  2. Time(s) in total - mastery is achieved when the goal is met by the specified number of times. Eg. the goal is added to 15 different sessions but only met 10 x and is now achieved

  1. Branch and leaf tags exist to support searching for related goals. This will become more relevant and functional when the Goal bank is available. For now, you are able to search within the smart trees tab of a particular client for certain tags from the filter bar. Adding branches (or leaf) tags allows for grouping goals into different buckets. 
  2. Scroll down from the modal and notice the Branch (or Leaf) Tags section at the bottom. 

  3. Click the Field and a list of existing Tags will appear.

  4. Click the + button to create a new tag.

  5. The Save New Tag modal will show up. Type the new Tag Name in the field provided. Click the save button when finished. 

  6. To edit an existing custom tag, click the Pencil icon beside the tag name from the list.

  7. To delete an existing custom tag, click the Trash Bin icon beside the tag name from the list.

    Note: A pop-up notification will appear before a user can permanently delete a tag especially if there are multiple associations within a smart tree of a client.

  8. To save all changes made on the advanced branch data collection, click the Save button below the modal.