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  • Where can I access the 2 Form types in Therabyte?

  • How do I create a form in Therabyte?

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Self-intake and Consent Type Form

  1. Go to the Website Page by clicking the Website button from the left navigation menu under the Practice Setup section.

Note: The Website Tab is only accessible to the owner/office admin. 

  1. Click the Edit Self-intake & Consent form button under the Settings section found in the Website page.

  1. By default, your clinic/practice will come with a Built-in form. You may edit this form or create a new one, and replace the currently active one. 

  1. To create a self-intake and consent form, click the NEW button at the top of the modal.

All-purpose/General Type Form

This form type allows you to create a variety of generic forms to send to your clients. The sky's the limit. We have created a dedicated page where all your forms will live.

  1. Go to the Forms page by clicking the Forms tab from the left navigation menu under the Management section.

Note: The Forms Tab is only accessible to the owner/office admin. 

  1. To create a new All purpose/General Type form, click the New Form button at the top of the page.

  1. The location column tells you if a form can be displayed in special areas. In this example, we see that the first two forms are Self-Intake type and can be deployed to your Therabyte hosted website. 

  1. To view how many responses have been submitted to a form, check the Form Responses column.