Questions answered in this article:

  • Can I share notes with my client?
  • How do I share the notes?
  • Can I directly email the notes to my client?

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There are multiple ways to share a note with clients and primary contacts. When you share a note in any of these ways, all note details will be shared with the client including images and documents attached. 

1. Click the Notes menu to be redirected to the Notes page. 

2. Under the Client tab are clients with note session records. Click the title link for each of the corresponding clients for the details. 

3. After clicking the note session title, a modal appears showing the session details. Settings on the upper right side demonstrate the actions that you can take to share a note. 

  • Share to client/guardian portal
  • Download as a PDF
  • Email directly to client and/or guardians

4. To share the entire chart note, just click the Share dropdown and toggle on the client, primary contacts, or third-party participants that you want to share the note to. 

5. In addition, you can download the note session details by clicking this dropdown menu and choose whether to download a pdf file with or without a password.

6. Click the email dropdown menu to send this note through email. Check the client or guardian(s) to whom you want to send an email note. Note that from the arrow drop down you can select to send it either with or without a password. It will send with a password by default.

*Note that emails sent from Therabyte are encrypted, adding a password offers added protection on the receivers end.