Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I customize the access and limitation of the practitioners within my clinic?

  • Can I provide full access to all practitioners within the clinic?

  • Can I customize to whom the recipients of the rescheduled appointments will be delivered?

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  • In this article, the reference to “team members” refers to “teams” that have been set up by clinic management under the Teams tab
  • These are selected groups of practitioners that likely work closely together that may need access to each other's calendars, notes, and clients' information. Setting up selected groups of practitioners into “teams”, along with the settings referenced in this article allows for customization of access to client data.
  • Adjusting the Team clinic permissions between two parts, Scheduler settings, and Notes settings. 

Team Scheduler Settings: Scheduler tab

  1. First, select one of the following for the scope of calendar access available to individual practitioners. 

  2. Disabled

This restricts access for individual practitioners to access the team calendar. The teams/rooms tab in the scheduler will be hidden.

  1. Assigned clients

This allows practitioners to access all events for clients that the practitioner has been assigned to (even if they’re not part of the event). To learn more about assigning practitioners to a client read this article.

  1. Assigned clients & team members’ client events

This allows practitioners to access all events for clients that the practitioner is assigned to, as well as the ability to view client events for other members of their assigned “team”. To know more, read the article: How to create a Team within my clinic.

  1. Now that you have selected the scope of access allowed, you can pick from a second menu for the type of interaction the practitioner is able to have with the client events they are able to view. It is composed of the following:

  1. Pop-up preview only

Practitioners can only hover on the session event to view its basic details. 

  1. Read-only 

Practitioners can open the session event modal, to view details. However, they do not have access to edit the event.

  1. Full Access

Practitioners can open and edit the session event details.

  1. Next, adjust the same access privileges for the Office admin(s) in the same way as listed above for practitioners. 


  • We suggest that if you choose the “Team members’ event” settings, add the “practitioner role” tag on the admin account in order to add him/her to the desired “Team” you’d like them to be part of.

How to customize the team recipients of the rescheduled appointments

  1. Go to the Settings page by clicking the Settings tab on the left navigation bar found under the Practice Setup menu and navigate to the Scheduler tab.

  2. Notice the Client email reminder reschedule recipients section.

        3. Choose and select the users you’d like to receive the reschedule email reminders.

Note: You can choose (1) or all the options from the dropdown.

        4. To save the changes made, click the Check Icon or Save button at the top of the page.

Team Notes Settings: Notes Tab

  1. First select from one of the following viewing options for practitioners:

  2. Disabled

Practitioners can only access and view the notes they’ve authored.

  1. Assigned clients

Practitioners can access and view all notes for clients that they’re assigned to (even if they’re not a co-author).

  1. Assigned clients & team members’ client notes

Practitioners can access and view all notes for clients that they’re assigned to including notes from their assigned team group (even if they’re not co-authors).

  1. Next select the type of access the practitioner is able to have with the note, from the following options:  

  1. Read-only 

Your practitioners can only preview and open the notes modal and are unable to edit the content.

  1. Full Access

Your practitioners can access and edit all notes.

  1. Lastly, select what note fields are visible and if commenting is enabled:

    1. We highly recommend to Toggle ON the notes fields visibility regardless of the above settings selected to allow practitioners to view all note fields aside from the homework field.

    2. You may also enable practitioners and office admin(s) to comment on other practitioners’ notes.

        4. Office Admin - 

  • Navigate through the same options as listed above for practitioners and choose the access privileges and viewing options for the office admin(s). 
  • Please note that if you have also assigned your office admin the practitioner role so that they can be assigned to a particular team, the settings for practitioners will apply to them.