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  • How do I add multiple practitioners to a client?


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  1. To add multiple practitioners to a client, go to the Clients page by clicking the Clients menu. 

  1. Under the Active tab, select a client to view its details.

  1. Under the People tab are details of assigned practitioners and third-party contacts. To add a practitioner, click the Add button. 

  1. An Add Practitioner modal will appear where you can select a practitioner from the dropdown menu that has previously been added to the clinic. ( To add a new practitioner to the clinic, refer to this article and/or this video).

  1. After choosing a practitioner, simply click the Save button to include them in your list of assigned practitioners.

  1. Returning to your list, you'll find the newly added practitioner displayed under the list of assigned practitioners. In the example below, two practitioners are already assigned, but you can continue to add more as needed. To finalize all changes, simply click the Save button located in the bottom right corner.