Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I get started with online booking for my clinic?
  • Is it possible to block off certain days so clients cannot schedule appointments?
  • What does Therabyte's online booking include?
  • How can I add a new practitioner who can be booked online?
  • How do I include new services for online booking?


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Note: Only clinic owners and admins can change or set the Online Booking Settings.


1. Go to Clinic Setup and select Landing Page.

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2. Enable Online Booking by toggling the option to ON.


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For further details on Online Booking settings, please refer to this article.



How can I add services that clients are able to book?

1. Go to Landing Page and click on Services. 



2. Look for Available/Bookable Services. To add a new service, click the + Add button.


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3. Please choose from the dropdown menus the Discipline and the Included Services from the provided options. Add the title of the service and the description. Once you have made your edits, click Save.

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4. Your service will now be included in the list of bookable services. To remove it, simply click the "x" button.


5. To read more about adding and setting up services, refer to this article.


How to add team members that are available for Online Booking?

1. To add team members, click on the "Teams" option.



2. Scroll down until you locate "Team Members," then simply click on the +Add button.


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3. When you click on +Add, a pop-up will appear prompting you to choose a practitioner.






4. From the dropdown menu, select the practitioner you wish to add for online booking.

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5. Once you've made your selection, the chosen practitioner will be seamlessly integrated into the list of Team members available for online booking.


Note: Only added practitioners to the Team Section of the landing page are available for Online Booking. To remove a practitioner, simply click the "x" button.


6. Click Preview to view all the edited settings and remember to click Save All to save all the changes made.


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Note: If you want to show the service fees, you may toggle this setting ON.

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New feature! Practitioner Availability


1. Navigate to your scheduler. In the lower-left corner, locate the section labeled Booking Availability and click on Set Availability.


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2. Select the practitioner whose schedule you wish to manage from the dropdown menu.




You have the option to set the availability of the practitioner for recurring days, (daily or weekly), or for custom dates according to your preference.


Recurring Days:

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1. Mark the checkboxes next to the days the practitioner will be available.

2. Select a service that is open for online booking, as displayed on the landing page.

3. Finally, specify the time window during which the practitioner will be available for that service and booking.

4. If your clinic or the practitioner isn't available on a Tuesday, simply deselect that day by unchecking the corresponding box.

5. Don't forget to save your changes.


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Take note: Additionally, if you're unavailable on a recurring day, you can create a personal event in your scheduler to block off that day, preventing clients from booking appointments on that day.


Custom Dates:


1. To set online booking for custom dates, select Add Custom Date.


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2. Select the date you want to add a service and practitioner available for that day.





Note: For this example, we chose April 9, 2024.



3. You can proceed to add the service and specify the booking window for that service.

4. Once you've finished making your adjustments, click Save.


Note: Please be aware that setting a custom date will overwrite any information set in the recurring day schedule.


The information you've provided will now be visible in your online booking tab, allowing your clients to make appointments directly from your landing page.

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