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  • Where can I see all the appointments that are pending approval?
  • Can I also use the scheduler to check appointments that are pending approval?

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There are two ways to access how you can approve or reject an appointment:

  • TB Meet page
  • Scheduler page

TB Meet page

  • Access the TB Meet tab to view records of Pending, Active, and Past appointments.

  • Select the Pending tab to see pending appointments. 

    • For pending appointments, choose to either Reject or Approve. These options are located on the right side of each appointment entry.

    • If you click the Approve button, a confirmation box will appear asking you to confirm the appointment. To finalize the approval, simply click the "Approve" button once more. This will ensure that the appointment is officially approved and scheduled.

    • If you click the Reject button, a reject appointment confirmation box will appear. Click the Reject button again to finalize the disapproval of the appointment.

Scheduler Page

  • To check pending appointments on the scheduler, go to the scheduler page. Pending events are shown as gray placeholders in your calendar.

  • To approve or reject an appointment, click on the event placeholder then click the click appropriate option.

  • A notification will appear after a practitioner has approved or rejected an appointment.