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  • How do I manage the website settings of my clinic?

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To manage the website settings, go to the Website page by clicking Website under the Practice Setup side menu category.


  • Website Status

                To enable or disable the practice website, toggle the website status switch button

  • Self-Intake Button

To show the self-intake button to your website, toggle the self-intake switch button

You can also edit the intake note template, or the consent template by clicking the buttons below the self-intake switch button. Details about the Self-Intake will be further discussed in the Self intake documentation.

  • Login Button

You also have the option to show or hide the login button in the practice website by toggling the login switch button

  • Booking Option

The visibility of the booking option can also be set by toggling the booking option switch button

  • Hours of Operation

You can set the hours of operation by specifying the opening and closing times of your clinic.

In the hours of operation area, you can also set the Booking Slot Interval and Event Time Buffer. To understand more about the booking slot and event time buffer, read the documentation about how to Manage Hours of operation for online booking.

  • Show Service Fee

You can also show the service fee to your services by toggling the service fee switch button.

  • Show Logo

                The logo can also be shown or hidden by toggling the show logo switch button

  • Show Clinic Name

                If you want to hide your clinic name, toggle the show clinic name switch button.

  • Sections Enabled

The sections in your practice site can also be enabled or disabled by checking the section that you want to show.

  • Primary Color

If you want to customize the color of your practice site, click the circle with an arrow down icon, and navigate to the color panel until you achieve the primary color that you want. do not forget to click OK button.

  • To save all the changes to the Website details, do not forget to click Save All.