Questions answered in this article:

  • Where can I view my TB meet appointments?
  • Where can I see the appointments that I need to approve or reject depending on my schedule?
  • Can I see a history of past TB Meets?
  • Does this have a filter option when checking any client schedule for TB Meet?
  • How do I share my screen and video at the same time?

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  • Go to the TB Meet page, by clicking the TB Meet tab in the side menu.

  • TB Meet consists of 3 tabs. The Pending, Active, and History tab

  1. In the Pending tabyou can find the list of pending appointments that need approval
  2. In the Active tabyou can find the list of approved and upcoming appointments
  3. In the History tab, you can find the list of past appointments
  • You can also filter the appointment list shown in each tab according to Client and Hours of Operation.


As for the active and history list of Appointments, you can toggle Show Non-Video Sessions to also show non-video type appointments in the list

To use the Filter option, select and choose a client from the Filter by Client dropdown menu.