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  • How do I use the TB Meet?
  • Is TB Meet secure?
  • What should I prepare when using TB Meet?

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In this article, you will find the quick and dirty on getting TB meet set up. Because it is portal to portal connection there is a bit of setup that needs to happen prior to being able to get started. 


- For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS). 

What is Therabyte Meet?

A secure Canadian privacy compliant, videoconferencing feature, integrated into the EHR experience of Therabyte, also offered as a stand-alone feature.


Why we built Therabyte Meet

There is a growing need in our communities to increase access to quality health care services. We believe it will support practitioners in diversifying their client services, and continue services when in-person visits are not feasible due to global, health or geographical situations. 

Prior to getting started with Therabyte meet you will want to:

  1. Download and run Microsoft Edge
  2. Create a services - There will be a sample service so that you can get started right away. Check out the instructions here to create custom services, which will automate your invoicing. 
  3. Add a client to your clinic  - adding a client is as simple as navigating to the clients tab in the left hand menu and selecting the new client button, you can find instructions here.

Starting video sessions - Getting set-up

  1. Watch this video overview from login to join session, (4 minutes).
  2. Set up your client in their client portal. TB meets video feature is experience through a portal to portal connection for your client. Learn more in this article on- Client Portal to join a TB meet video session.
  3. Create a video session in TB meet or the scheduler - create a new event in the scheduler and select session and choose video session from the dropdown menu. Learn more in this article on - Creating a video session.
  4. Join the video session- when the time arrives, simply select the scheduled event in TB meet or the scheduler and select the Join session button in the top right corner. Learn more in this article - Join a video session - practitioner.
  5. Client joins the video session - your client will join the video session from the appointments page when logged into their client portal and then selecting the blue join session button. Learn more in this article - Join a video session - client. 
  6. Equipment required for yourself and your client:
    • Camera (built in or external web cam)
    • Microphone (built in or external). We recommended headphones with a microphone for the best sound quality.
    • High speed internet
    • Computer, phone or table
    • If using an ipad - learn more about accessing TB meet from an ipad. 

To see this feature in action, enjoy this video of a Mock video session from start to finish with Theraybte, plus some tips and tricks on others apps to support your Teletherapy experience.

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