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  • What is a direct session?
  • What is an indirect session?

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1. First, go to the Scheduler page then click on the placeholder that corresponds to your desired time and date. An event editor will appear on the right side where you can indicate the event details. 

2. Setting up direct or indirect will depend on the type of Client events selected. 

For the Session where task is inherently direct  in nature, the direct/indirect toggle is unavailable and set to direct. 

3. For the Video Session, call and other client events, the indirect or direct toggle is available. You can have this video session with a colleague and not with the client. Just simply switch the toggle to set indirect or direct then click the check button to save changes.

3. For the To-do and email/message client events, the indirect or direct toggle set to indirect. As these tasks are inherently indirect in nature and would not be completed with the client present.