Questions answered in this article:

  • What are non-billable session events?

  • How do I create a non-billable session event?

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There are multiple ways to create a non-billable session event:

  • Marking the attendance as non-billable in the outcomes stage of the scheduler

  • Using a service that is non-billable 

  • Creating a non-billable session note from the notes tab (refer to the article link above, Creating non-billable notes)

*Note that non-billable services are not eligible to be added to invoices.

Marking Attendance as non-billable

Note: If there are multiple practitioners working at the same time with a client, they must create a separate event as others may regard their event as non-billable or billable.

  1. Go to the Scheduler page by clicking the Scheduler tab in the My Office from the top left corner.

  1. Select a Client Event  from the scheduler.

  1. Proceed and select the Outcomes Stage of the session event.

  1. Notice the Attendance Section on the outcomes stage. This is where the practitioner marks the attendance of their client.

  1. To mark the attendance of a client as non-billable, click the Non-Billable icon button on the attendance section. 

  1. If some clinicians regard their event as billable, click the Billable icon button.

Note: The billable icon button implies that the client attended the session.

  1. If you finished marking the client’s attendance, click the Sign Icon or the Save Check button at the top to save and close the session event.

Use a service that is non-billable

  1. To check if a service is non-billable, you can go to the Services page and select the Services tab in the Practice Setup from the top left corner. 

Note: You can also look at the service drop down menu for services with the tag non-billable.To create a service that is non-billable, please refer to the article Create a Non-billable service.

  1.  Once you’ve created a non-billable service or checked if you have one, proceed to the Scheduler page by selecting the Scheduler tab in the My Office from the top left corner.

  1. To create a session event, there are 2 ways:

  1. Click an area in the scheduler that matches the date and time to create a session event

  2. Click the New Event button seen on the top left of the scheduler’s page.

4. The scheduler modal will appear, this allows you to choose and select the following from the event stage:   

  1. Session type

  2. Service type

  3. Client(s)

  4. Provider(s)

5. To choose a non-billable service, click and select from the Service dropdown menu. Note: A non-billable service will be tagged in the services dropdown menu.

6. Now that you have created the non-billable session event using a non-billable service, proceed to select the client name, service provider and click the Save Check button to save and close the event.