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  • How do I create a non-billable note?
  • Can I create a non-billable note from either the notes tab, client chart modal, or the scheduler?

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Non-billable notes are notes for specified services that you give to clients without pricing any fees or charges.  You can create non-billable notes through the client chart modal, and the notes tab.

Client Tab

1. You can add non-billable notes to a specific client through the client chart modal. To go to the Clients page, click the Clients under the My office side tab.

2. In the clients table, select a specific client and click their name to open the client's chart modal.

3. In the client's chart modal, click the Files tab

4. Under the Files tab, click the arrow-down icon in the New button, and choose Non-billable

5. You can now fill-out the details needed in the non-billable note

Notes Tab

1. In the Notes tab, click the arrow-down icon in the New button and select the Non-Billable option in the dropdown

2. In the event that you want this non-billable event to show on the invoice and the scheduler, you will need to attach a service to it. In this case you do not want to directly choose non-billable. Select the specific client event, and choose a non-billable service (indicated by the non-billable tag). 

3. Select a non-billable service. This will be indicated with a non-billable tag next to it.  In case you do not have a service with zero charges, then simply add a non-billable service.

4. Or rather than indicating that the client attended, select non-billable with a billable service type,