Questions answered in this article:

  • How do I create a template for charting?
  • How do I allow other team members to use my templates?
  • What is the use of the "more" button in notes?

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To create a note template:

1. Click on the Notes button in the left menu navigation bar and choose the templates tab from the top menu.

2. Select the blue New template button

3. It will default to you as the author. If you would like to make this template accessible to other team members, choose their names from the drop down menu. Likewise if you have already created a template, you can go back, edit and add more authors. 

4. Choose a title, select your format and begin adding your content. 

5. You have options here like the other text editors, to:

6. You are also able to adjust and edit an existing template including adding more practitioners access it's use. 

7. To use the More button at the top right corner of the modal, Select an option to either Duplicate, Sign, or Delete a note.