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  • What should I do If I have two kids and both of them need to attend the video session?
  • Which video session event should I join in order for my kids to attend?
  • Do I need to make two separate accounts for my kids?

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- For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS). 

For minor clients, it is required to add their parent(s) on their profiles and is advised to have their own accounts as well. 

On the Practitioner side, make sure that you are communicating appropriately with the parents so that you are either popping in for one or the other when you come into that session. If these sessions are gonna happen to one or the other, you could be using the same join session and see both clients. This will allow you to have separate documentation. Either way, create separate or joint events, there will be documentation for both clients that are involved in a session.


1. In the example below, there are two minor clients scheduled for a Video Session. The two have the same parent.

2. When their parent logged in to his/her client portal, he/she is going to see an Upcoming Session for both children. In order to join the Video Session, just click on the  Join Session button then it will redirect him/her to the Video Session page with other clients and practitioners.