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  • Can I use an iPad to join a video session?
  • How do I join a video session for TB Meet using an iPad?

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    - For best compatibility, Therabyte recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge (on Android or PC/Mac) or Safari (on iOS).

1. Email reminder received with the option to login into your client portal

If you haven’t logged in to your client portal, take that time to find your welcome email and follow the steps to set up your login credentials.

2. Login

You will be redirected to the practitioner website if it is enabled with a login feature, if the website has not been enabled, you will be redirected to a login page.

3. Join Meeting

Simply click the Join Session button to join the video meeting

4. Download the Jitsi Meet app

You will be prompted to download the Jitsi Meet app in order to join the session.

5. Return to your browser

            Once the app is downloaded return to safari and choose 'Continue to the app' by following the prompt to open.

Congrats!  You have arrived in your video meeting with your practitioner, the last thing to do is enable the audio and camera for the best experience.