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  • How do I create a note in the scheduler?
  • Can I add attachments to the note from the scheduler?

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1. Go to the Scheduler page by clicking the Scheduler menu on the left corner. 

2. Click a placeholder of your desired date and time in the Scheduler

3. An event editor will appear. Click the Next button until you reached the third step of the Scheduler 

4. On the third step of the scheduler, scroll down to the Chart Note section. You can choose templates, format and compose your note. Learn more about note editor features here.

5. Miscellaneous - pictures, tables, attachments and the assignment box. If you prefer to have more space to write you note, you might start your note here in the Scheduler (step 3) and then move over to the Notes tab to add a little bit more of information.

6. After completing the note, you can save and close the session by selecting either the Save Check or the Sign Icon at the top. Alternatively, you can use the Save and Sign button below.

Note: Once a note is signed, you have a 24-hour window to make any amendments. If you need to add anything to the note, please select 'Save'.